Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of  Ultra-Processed Food

Discover the alarming truth behind ultra-processed food and its impact on our health, as revealed by Chris Van Tulleken.

"Unmasking the hidden ingredients: Learn how ultra-processed foods are laden with additives, preservatives, and artificial substances."

"Understanding the link: Explore the connection between excessive consumption of ultra-processed food and the rising health concerns."

Estimated premature deaths attributable to the consumption of Ultra-Processed Foods

Source: Nilson et al., American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 11/7

Estimated premature deaths averted by reduction of ultra-processed foods as part of total energy intake

"Unveiling the silent dangers: Delve into the health risks associated with long-term consumption of ultra-processed food."

"Taking control of our diets: Find out how small changes in our eating habits can make a significant impact on our overall well-being."

Discover the ways in which ultra-processed food has infiltrated our daily lives and influenced our dietary choices

From pantry to plate:

"Behind the scenes: Explore the tactics employed by the food industry to promote and market ultra-processed products."

"A call for awareness: Learn about the importance of educating ourselves and others about the risks of consuming ultra-processed food."

"Seeking alternatives: Discover healthier options and practical tips to reduce our reliance on ultra-processed food."

"Seeking alternatives: 

Empowering  change:

Find out how individuals, communities,  and  policymakers 

can work together to foster a culture of nutritious eating and combat the ultra-processed food crisis."