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Mono Soium Glutamate

MSG was first discovered in 1908 by a Japanese scientist named Kikunae Ikeda, who extracted it from seaweed broth

MSG is known for enhancing the fifth taste sensation called umami, which translates to "pleasant savory taste" in Japanese.

Glutamate, the primary component of MSG, is naturally found in many foods such as tomatoes, cheese, and mushrooms.

Extensive scientific research has confirmed that MSG is safe for the general population when consumed in


Despite its classification, MSG remains a topic of debate and controversy in the food industry


associated with the MSG symptom complex include headaches, flushing, sweating, face pressure, and numbness or tingling sensations


Some individuals have reported experiencing rapid heartbeats, chest pain, nausea, and weakness


The presence of naturally occurring glutamate in many foods, such as tomatoes and cheese, is much higher than the levels found in foods with added MSG


It is important to consider individual tolerance and moderation when consuming foods containing MSG, as with any food ingredient. experiences